Paper Works

Felting paper is not unlike felting wool. It is done by manipulating the fibre so that friction occurs and the fibres of the paper fuse.

For the work shown here, handmade Korean paper called Hanji is used. Three sheets will result in a lightweight felt. As the number of sheets is added, the felted paper becomes thicker and stronger. The felting takes about an hour per sheet. For example, a five-sheet thickness will take five hours to felt until it is strong.

During the felting, the paper must be kept damp at all times. Once felted, the paper is laid out on a corrugated plastic surface and left to dry. Following the drying, it is dry-felted to soften it. The finished sheet can feel like cloth or chamois.

These works have been made using the felt made during the testing period. Ideally at this stage, the continued works will begin to resemble the fibre textiles.