Metal Drawings

The metal drawings are photos of the willow works which enable them to be seen as flat drawings. They are in a way, offspring of the willow works.

A photo of the willow work is enlarged, glued to roofing felt, hand-cut and painted on both sides to stiffen and strengthen it. It is then drawn onto 10-gauge metal sheeting with a permanent marker. After a welder cuts it out it is sandblasted and finally powder-coated in an antique bronze colour. The dark colour enhances the idea of it being a drawing. It can be hung inside or outside.

All titles are assigned after the work is photographed. Observers may see them in their own way and are free to give them the title they imagine seeing.

The enlarged felt cut-out enables any number of works to be made. However, because they are handmade from start to finish, each one will be different.

Not all of these works have been fully cut and crafted in metal ahead of time. All works displayed on a white grid background are cut in felt and ready to be made into metal. These designs are indicated with the additional designation of “to be commissioned”. Lead times will vary to produce these commissioned works. We will contact you with details.