Fibre Abstracts

These Fibre Abstract works began in March for a change in my work along with the wider aspects of social change. Simultaneously, news of the pandemic came along with the rising crisis in climate change. Both issues brought global and local awareness and it seemed that this dual worldwide concern could increase awareness regarding the climate issues facing our planet.

Titles such as Tectonic Plates Shifting and Sky Curtain Settling offer the observer a distant viewing place, the scale of what is viewed and what the ‘plates’ or the ‘curtain’ is doing. Verbs such as ‘shifting’ and ‘settling’ mean that what is happening is happening now. The titles offer a context for viewing and enable the observer to imagine what is being represented.

Fibre is a media change for me, and I approached working with it in light of the restrictions around tactile sense and concepts of cocooning and isolation. I view the colour shapes similar to painting and the stitching as similar to drawing. Combining the two techniques relates them in harmony or contrast.